Assasi Triggerfish - Rhinecanthus assasi

Assasi Triggerfish – Rhinecanthus assasi


The Assasi Triggerfish, also known as the Arabian Picasso Triggerfish (Rhinecanthus assasi), is a species of triggerfish found in the Indian Ocean, particularly around the Arabian Peninsula and the Red Sea.

This species is known for its striking appearance, characterized by bold colors and patterns. They typically have a yellow body with blue markings, and their fins may be adorned with additional colors. Like other triggerfish species, they have a sturdy build and a distinctive trigger-like dorsal fin that they can raise and lock into place for protection.

Assasi Triggerfish inhabit coral reefs and rocky areas, where they feed on a variety of prey including small fish, crustaceans, and invertebrates. They are known to be territorial and may become aggressive towards other fish, especially when defending their territory or during breeding season.

In the aquarium trade, Assasi Triggerfish are sometimes kept by experienced hobbyists with large, well-established tanks. However, they can be challenging to care for due to their aggressive nature and specific dietary requirements. Additionally, they need plenty of space to swim and hide, as well as suitable tankmates that can tolerate their behavior.

Size 6″

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