Vanderbilt’s Chromis

(Chromis vanderbilt)

Chromis vanderbilt is a species of damselfish belonging to the family Pomacentridae. Here’s what is known about it:

  1. Taxonomy: Chromis vanderbilt is a relatively lesser-known species within the genus Chromis. It is sometimes referred to as Vanderbilt’s chromis.
  2. Physical Appearance: Damselfish in the genus Chromis typically have a compressed, oval-shaped body with a single continuous dorsal fin and a forked tail fin. Specific details about the coloration or markings of Chromis vanderbilt are not widely documented in available literature.
  3. Distribution: Information on the precise distribution of Chromis vanderbilt is limited. It may be found in specific regions of the tropical Indo-Pacific, but detailed range maps or distribution data are not commonly available.
  4. Habitat: Damselfishes in the genus Chromis are generally found in coral reefs and rocky areas with rich coral growth. They typically inhabit shallow waters with ample hiding places and areas for foraging.
  5. Behavior: Damselfishes are known for their territorial behavior and often form aggregations or schools. They are omnivorous, feeding on a variety of small planktonic organisms, algae, and detritus.