Unicorn Tang

(Naso unicornis)

Naso unicornis, commonly known as the unicornfish, is a species of marine fish belonging to the family Acanthuridae, which includes surgeonfishes and tangs. Here are some key characteristics of Naso unicornis:

  1. Appearance: They are easily recognizable by their elongated body and the prominent horn-like projection on their forehead, which gives them the name “unicornfish.” The body is typically grayish-blue to brownish in color with a yellowish patch on the dorsal fin base.
  2. Distribution: Unicornfishes are found in the tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific region, including the Red Sea, East Africa, and the Hawaiian Islands. They inhabit coral reefs and lagoons, preferring areas with rich coral growth.
  3. Ecology: Naso unicornis feeds primarily on algae and small invertebrates, using their specialized teeth to scrape algae from rocks and coral. They play an important role in maintaining the health of coral reefs by controlling algae growth.
  4. Behavior: These fish are usually seen in small groups or singly, swimming gracefully around coral heads and reef slopes. They are generally peaceful but can become territorial, especially during mating season.