Spotted Seatrout

(Cynoscion nebulosus)

Cynoscion nebulosus, commonly known as the spotted seatrout or speckled trout, is a species of fish belonging to the family Sciaenidae. Here are some key characteristics and information about this species:

  1. Distribution: Spotted seatrout are found in the western Atlantic Ocean, ranging from New York southward along the eastern coast of the United States to Florida and throughout the Gulf of Mexico. They are also found in estuarine and coastal waters of Mexico and parts of Central America.
  2. Appearance: This species is named for the distinct pattern of black spots scattered along its upper body, fins, and sometimes on the tail. They have a silvery-gray body with a slightly elongated shape and a pointed snout. Spotted seatrout can change coloration depending on environmental factors such as water clarity and habitat.
  3. Size: They typically grow to a maximum length of about 70 cm (28 inches) and can weigh up to about 4.5 kg (10 lbs), although larger individuals have been recorded.
  4. Habitat: Spotted seatrout are primarily found in estuarine and coastal waters, including marshes, bays, lagoons, and tidal creeks. They prefer areas with seagrass beds, oyster reefs, and submerged vegetation where they can find food and shelter.