Spotted Fairy Wrasse

(Cirrhilabrus punctatus)

Cirrhilabrus punctatus is a species of fish belonging to the family Labridae, commonly known as the spotted wrasse. Here are some key characteristics of Cirrhilabrus punctatus:

  1. Appearance: This species is known for its vibrant coloration and distinctive markings. The body is generally reddish-pink to orange with irregular blue spots scattered across the scales. The fins may have blue or pinkish hues as well.
  2. Distribution: Spotted wrasses are found in the tropical waters of the Western Pacific Ocean, particularly around coral reefs in areas such as Indonesia, Philippines, and Papua New Guinea.
  3. Habitat: They inhabit coral-rich areas of reefs and lagoons, often found in relatively shallow waters where they can feed on small crustaceans and invertebrates associated with the reef substrate.
  4. Behavior: Cirrhilabrus punctatus is known to be a relatively peaceful fish, but males can display territorial behavior, especially during breeding periods. They are active swimmers and can often be seen darting among coral heads.