Slippery Dick

(Halichoeres bivittatus)

Halichoeres bivittatus is the scientific name for the slippery dick, a species of wrasse found in the western Atlantic Ocean. Here are some key points about Halichoeres bivittatus:

  1. Appearance: Slippery dicks have a slender, elongated body with a pointed snout. They are typically bluish-gray to greenish-yellow in color, often with a white or yellow stripe running horizontally along each side of the body.
  2. Size: They generally grow up to about 6 inches (15 cm) in length.
  3. Distribution: This species is found along the western Atlantic coast of North America, ranging from New England southward to the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. They inhabit shallow waters near coral reefs and rocky areas.
  4. Habitat: Slippery dicks prefer coral reefs, rocky shores, and seagrass beds, where they can find food and shelter among crevices and small spaces.