Pacific Surge Damselfish

(Chrysiptera brownriggii )

Chrysiptera brownriggii, commonly known as Pacific Surge Damselfish, is a species of damselfish belonging to the family Pomacentridae. Here are some key features and information about Chrysiptera brownriggii:


  1. Size: They usually grow to a maximum length of about 10 centimeters (around 4 inches), though they are generally smaller in aquarium settings.
  2. Distribution: Chrysiptera brownriggii is found in the tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific region, particularly around coral reefs. They are known to inhabit reefs from the Red Sea and East Africa to French Polynesia and Hawaii.
  3. Habitat: These damselfish are commonly found in clear, shallow waters with abundant coral growth. They prefer areas with moderate water movement and are often seen swimming near branching corals or hiding among crevices for protection.
  4. Behavior: Brownrigg’s chromis are social fish that form loose aggregations or schools, especially in the presence of suitable habitat and food resources. They are diurnal and feed primarily on zooplankton, small crustaceans, and algae.