Leopard Coral Grouper

(Plectropomus areolatus)

Plectropomus areolatus, commonly known as the squaretail coral grouper or leopard coral grouper, is a species of marine fish belonging to the family Serranidae. Here are some key characteristics and information about Plectropomus areolatus:

  1. Appearance: The squaretail coral grouper has a distinctive appearance with a robust body and a prominent mouth. It typically has a pale to dark brown coloration with numerous small dark spots and irregular blotches covering its body and fins.
  2. Size: It can grow quite large, reaching lengths of up to 120 cm (4 feet) and weights of over 15 kg (33 lbs).
  3. Distribution: This species is found throughout the tropical Indo-Pacific region, including the Red Sea, East Africa, the Maldives, Southeast Asia, northern Australia, and various islands in the central Pacific Ocean.