Japanese Moray Eel

(Gymnothorax kidako)

Gymnothorax kidako, commonly known as the kidako moray or Japanese moray eel, is a species of moray eel found in the coastal waters around Japan and Korea. Here are some key characteristics and facts about Gymnothorax kidako:

  1. Appearance: They have a long, snake-like body with a scaleless and smooth skin, typical of moray eels. They can grow up to about 1 meter (3.3 feet) in length.
  2. Coloration: Generally, they are brownish to olive-green in color, often with small dark spots or mottling along their body.
  3. Habitat: Kidako moray eels inhabit rocky reefs, coral reefs, and sometimes sandy bottoms near these habitats. They prefer crevices and holes where they can hide during the day.
  4. Behavior: Nocturnal in nature, they are more active at night when they hunt for small fish, crustaceans, and other prey items.
  5. Range: They are primarily found in the northwestern Pacific Ocean, particularly around Japan and Korea.
  6. Relationship with Humans: While generally not aggressive, they can deliver a painful bite if provoked or threatened. They are sometimes encountered by divers exploring reefs, where they can be observed poking their heads out from holes or crevices.
  7. Taxonomy: Gymnothorax kidako belongs to the family Muraenidae, which includes various species of moray eels found worldwide.