Immaculate Pufferfish

(Arothron immaculatus)

Arothron immaculatus is the scientific name for the immaculate pufferfish, also known as the spotless pufferfish. This species belongs to the family Tetraodontidae, which includes various types of pufferfish known for their ability to inflate their bodies when threatened.

The immaculate pufferfish is found in the tropical waters of the Western Pacific Ocean, particularly around coral reefs and lagoons. It has a distinctive appearance characterized by a pale yellowish to white body color with small dark spots scattered over its entire body. Unlike some other pufferfish species, it lacks prominent markings or patterns, hence its common name “immaculate” or “spotless.”

Like all pufferfish, Arothron immaculatus has the ability to inflate its body by swallowing water or air when threatened, making it appear larger and less palatable to potential predators. They primarily feed on a diet of crustaceans, mollusks, and algae, using their strong beak-like teeth to crush their prey.

In aquarium trade, the immaculate pufferfish is occasionally sought after for its unique appearance and behavior, but it requires specialized care due to its specific dietary needs and potential for aggression towards tank mates.