Four-line Wrasse

(Pseudocheilinus tetrataenia)

Pseudocheilinus tetrataenia, commonly known as the Fourline wrasse, is a species of marine fish belonging to the family Labridae. Here are some key characteristics and information about Pseudocheilinus tetrataenia:

  1. Physical Appearance: The Fourline wrasse has an elongated body with a pointed snout and a distinct color pattern. It is characterized by four horizontal stripes running along its body, typically alternating between dark and light colors. The body coloration can vary, ranging from green to brown or red, with the stripes often having a neon blue or purple hue. The fins are typically translucent.
  2. Size: They typically grow to a maximum length of about 10-12 centimeters (4-5 inches).
  3. Distribution: Pseudocheilinus tetrataenia is found in the tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific region. Its range includes the Red Sea and East Africa to the western Pacific Ocean, including regions such as Indonesia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, and northern Australia.
  4. Habitat: Fourline wrasses inhabit coral reefs, rocky areas, and lagoons with rich coral growth. They are typically found in shallow to moderate depths, often near reef slopes or drop-offs where there is ample hiding places among corals and rocky crevices.