Exquisite Fairy Wrasse

(Cirrhilabrus exquisitus)

Cirrhilabrus exquisitus, commonly known as the exquisite fairy wrasse, is a species of colorful marine fish belonging to the family Labridae. Here are some key characteristics and facts about Cirrhilabrus exquisitus:

  1. Appearance: The exquisite fairy wrasse is known for its vibrant coloration and distinctive patterns. Males are typically pink to reddish-orange with a yellow dorsal fin and blue markings on the face and upper body. Females and juveniles have more subdued colors, often with shades of pink and yellow.
  2. Size: They usually grow to a size of about 8-10 centimeters (3-4 inches) in length.
  3. Habitat: This species is found in the tropical Indo-Pacific region, particularly in coral-rich areas with moderate to strong currents. They inhabit coral reefs and rocky areas, often staying close to reef crevices and overhangs.
  4. Behavior: Exquisite fairy wrasses are diurnal and often seen swimming in small groups or harems consisting of a dominant male and several females. They feed primarily on small invertebrates and zooplankton found among the coral branches.
  5. Reproduction: Like many wrasses, Cirrhilabrus exquisitus has a complex social structure where males defend territories and harems of females. Males can display vibrant colors during courtship and spawning events.