Dracula Goby

(Stonogobiops dracula)

Stonogobiops dracula, commonly known as Dracula goby or vampire goby, is a species of small fish belonging to the family Gobiidae. This fish is named for its striking appearance, which includes a dark body with red or orange vertical bars, resembling the coloration often associated with fictional vampires. The “Dracula” name also refers to its sharp, fang-like teeth, which are notable for a fish of its size.

Dracula gobies are typically found in pairs with a symbiotic relationship with certain species of shrimp, particularly from the genus Alpheus. They inhabit coral reefs and rocky areas in the western Pacific Ocean, where they live in burrows or crevices near their shrimp partners. The gobies serve as a lookout for predators while the shrimp maintain and defend their shared burrow.

These fish are relatively small, usually growing up to about 5 centimeters (2 inches) in length. They feed primarily on small zooplankton and tiny crustaceans, which they filter from the water column.

In the aquarium trade, Dracula gobies are popular due to their unique appearance and interesting behavior with their shrimp partners. They require a well-established aquarium with plenty of hiding places and suitable tank mates.

In summary, Stonogobiops dracula is a small, strikingly colored fish known as the Dracula goby or vampire goby, found in the western Pacific Ocean. It forms symbiotic relationships with certain shrimp species and is known for its distinctive appearance and behavior in aquariums.