Brown-spotted Rabbitfish

(Siganus laqueus)

Siganus laqueus is a species of rabbitfish belonging to the family Siganidae. Here are some key characteristics and information about Siganus laqueus:

  1. Physical Appearance: Siganus laqueus has a distinctive appearance with a brownish body covered in small yellowish spots. It also has a yellowish stripe that runs along the base of the dorsal fin. The body shape is elongated and somewhat compressed laterally, typical of rabbitfishes.
  2. Size: They typically grow to a maximum length of about 25-30 centimeters (10-12 inches).
  3. Distribution: Siganus laqueus is found in the tropical waters of the western Pacific Ocean, particularly around coral reefs and rocky areas. Their range includes regions such as Indonesia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, and northern Australia.
  4. Habitat: Rabbitfishes like Siganus laqueus are commonly found in coastal reefs and lagoons with abundant coral growth. They prefer areas with moderate water movement and are often seen grazing on algae and other plant material growing on rocks and coral substrates.
  5. Behavior: Siganus laqueus is herbivorous, feeding primarily on various types of algae, seagrasses, and occasionally small invertebrates. They play an important role in reef ecosystems by helping to control algae growth, which can otherwise overgrow corals and compete for space.