Blond Naso Tang

(Naso elegans)

Naso elegans, commonly known as the Elegant unicornfish or Orange-spine unicornfish, is a species of surgeonfish belonging to the family Acanthuridae. Here’s an overview of this fascinating marine fish:

  1. Appearance: Naso elegans has a distinctive appearance characterized by a sleek, elongated body and a prominent “unicorn-like” horn extending from its forehead. The body coloration varies; adults typically have a blue to grayish body with a yellowish-orange patch on the upper back and base of the dorsal fin. The tail fin is usually yellow with blue margins, and there may be other subtle markings or spots on the body.
  2. Distribution: This species is found in the tropical and subtropical waters of the Indo-Pacific region, ranging from the Red Sea and East Africa to the Pacific islands and Hawaii.
  3. Habitat: Elegant unicornfish inhabit coral reefs, reef slopes, and clear lagoons with rich coral growth. They are commonly found in areas with strong currents and prefer depths ranging from about 1 to 50 meters (3 to 164 feet).
  4. Behavior: Naso elegans is primarily herbivorous, feeding on various species of algae, detritus, and small invertebrates. They use their specialized mouth and teeth to graze on algae and scrape off biofilm from coral and rocks.