Keeping Tangs: Can Various Species be Combined?

Tangs, we all love them, but combining them in your home aquarium can be tricky.  Known for their beauty and functionality, aquarists are always intrigued by these animals and often inquire about combining multiple species.  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Tangs love to roam and feed off algae growing in the reef. This means they need plenty of space to graze.  This is important when considering tank size and housing for your tang.
  • Tangs are herbivorous. If there is not enough algae readily available to them they can become thin and malnourished.  It is important to have algae supplemented foods available for your tank.  These can be found in dry or frozen form but variety is the key.
  • When it comes to combining tangs they can actually be quite aggressive and will often fight to the death. The rule of thumb is that you should not combine tangs that are of the same genus/body shape.  If you plan to, I would recommend schooling them (3 or more) and making sure you have a very large aquarium.  

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